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Manages all appropriate Responsible Care© activities, Be aware of potential health, safety, security and environmental impacts in area of responsibility and the consequences if an upset occurs, Participate in the site’s on-going Pollution Prevention Process, Be familiar with site wide document control, internal quality audits, corrective action, non-conforming product and record keeping procedures, Six to eight (6-8) years of expert working knowledge of safety, health and security plant processes. Strong ability to face critical and dangerous situation. He is responsible to protect the organization from any criminal or inappropriate acts. Security Manager Resume; The security manager assists with the protection of employees and assets from any loss or injury. Accident incident investigations to include all injuries, accidents and property damage involving employees, vendors or visitors on company property. Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Worldwide dba/Westin Convention Center Hotel. Training workshops provide employees with information on ergonomics, hazardous waste management and methods to work safely. in technical field, Occupational, Health, and Safety, or equivalent experience, Knowledge of OSHA regulations and their impact on the AkzoNobel plant environment and its employees, Comfortable working in a hands on, tactical role, Must be able to wear FRCs, steel toed boots, hard hat and safety glasses and be in the plant on a daily basis, Must be able to climb stairs and ladders in the units for the purposes of conducting inspections and reviewing permits, May require individual to comply with Akzo Nobel RBPS 12 Corporate CFATS Personnel Surety Compliance Policy for Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, The assistant security manager is responsible for assisting the security manager in coordination of security operations, as well as managing, training, and assessing performance of the entire security personnel, Assistant security managers help in writing and developing security policies and procedures for the security department, oversee all necessary training modules and procedures for security staff, and provide protection to important persons when necessary, They may also monitor all unauthorized vandalism and removal of property, review and report accidents that happened within the vicinity inspect all areas for safety and fire hazard; and file reports on safety precautions, Assistant security managers are also responsible for conducting internal investigations when necessary, providing courteous service, managing the schedules of security personnel and tracking, Provide overall SH&E leadership and demonstrate a personal commitment to safety at all times, Encourage CM and/or contractors to raise and report safety concerns, Cultivate a "Zero Incident" Safety Culture at the worksite, Verify CM and or/contractor preparedness for emergencies, Act as the initial Incident Commander until relieved, Verifying that CM and/or contractors have submitted all required written SH&E Health and Safety Plans (HASPs), programs, plans and/or procedures and that the submittals meet contractual requirements, Possessing an in-depth knowledge of the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process, Verifying CM and/or contractor safety training, audits, meetings, medical certifications and substance abuse testing programs are being performed, Verifying proper recordkeeping and documentation of all programs, Effectively coordinate with the CM's and/or contractor's safety professionals, Conduct and record regular and ongoing site audits, Verify that the CM and/or contractor corrective actions resulting from deficiencies identified in audit and observational findings are implemented and effective, Oversee CM's and/or contractor's site near-misses/incident investigations and verification of completion of preventative and corrective actions, Issue "Stop Work" orders whenever it is necessary and appropriate, Verify CM's and /or contractor's compliance with contract and specification requirements, Oversee implementation of Behavior Based Safety Programs (BBS) {e.g. Safety Manager Resume Examples. Occupational Health and Safety Manager Resume. Coordinated, managed, directed, and reported daily activities of the Security & Safety staff in the protection of visitors, staff, customers, and property in the absence of the Security Manager. A well-established Washington, DC based non-profit international development organization seeks a Safety & Security Manager … Ability to deal with security problems. Conduct job-site safety audits, including implementation of corrective actions. Provide management, direction and supervision of (4) Safety Engineers, (2) Safety Clerks, (2) On-Site Nurses, (1) Occupational Physician, and (24) members of the security staff. The worksite training mentioned in this safety manager resume sample covers engineering, while experience with federal safety inspections covers both safety and legal regulations. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the safety & security manager job. Maintain substance abuse file, Coordinate compliance with Federal, State, and local laws and work closely with General Manager or Designee to accomplish company objectives, Must be able to pass all requirements to be qualified as a Vehicle Operator would at the location, Meet IKEA’s intended level of Safety & Security by achieving positive results during SecCheck and insurance inspections, Work in partnership with NA Safety/Security Manager and country manager to ensure continuous improvement in all aspects of safety and security initiatives and to ensure that IKEA standards and legal demands are followed, Maintain OHSA compliance programs and Loss Prevention audits for the site to ensure that all security, safety, emergency systems and procedures are operational to guarantee that IKEA’s co-workers, the IKEA brand and assets are protected, Work in partnership with the management team regarding sensitive issues, including but not limited to, harassment, co-worker misconduct, and information security, Communicate, create awareness, coach, and train co-workers to ensure that IKEA intended level of health, safety and security are known and implemented, Ensure an effective incident handling and reporting process is applied, and that incidences are analyzed, followed and preventative actions are implemented, As a member of the local managerial group, contribute to the operational excellence and the development of the DC/CDC operation, Take the lead in more than one assignment, contributing in both your site and DS area, Support the creation and implementation of the business and action plan, Contribute to an environment where IKEA culture is a strong and living reality that embraces the diversity of co-workers, 3-5 years IKEA working experience in Safety and Loss Prevention management or equivalent working experience, Be a strong leader with an interest in developing and coaching co-workers, Provide overall management for all services and activities involved in facility and event security, logistics, facility admissions, and emergency preparedness including campus booth security staff, Plan, develop and implement programs to ensure the security of facility staff, property and attendees, Plan, direct, coordinate, and review plan for security staffing for Campus Athletics, Special Events, Parking Enforcement and Access Control units and all other assigned programs and functions; meet with staff on a regular basis to identify and resolve challenges; assign work activities, projects and programs; monitor work flow; review and evaluate work products, methods and procedures, Attend weekly event planning meetings with internal stakeholders and hold security briefings when needed, Manage event budgetary constraints for security, police and EMT’s, Recommend the purchasing/ordering of security related goods and services; gain budget approval and ensure accurate payment for such services, Coordinate the scheduling of external event staffing personnel including, but not limited to, off duty police officers, EMT’s and traffic control companies, Develop staffing plans for Division 1 NCAA events, interfacing with the prime stakeholders and maintaining industry standards and practices, Manage and participate in the development and administration of the Campus Athletics, Special Events, Parking Enforcement and Access Control units annual budget; forecast additional funds needed for staffing, training, equipment, materials, and supplies; monitor expenditures; implement adjustments as necessary, Provide effective direction in emergency response situations and ensure effective coordination with off duty and local law enforcement, Provide responsible staff assistance to the Director of Public Safety; prepare and present regular staff reports and other related correspondence, Conduct a variety of industry operational studies; recommend modifications to security and safety programs, policies, and procedures as appropriate, On-call 24/7, as needed and based on event demands or activities, Direct, train, motivate and evaluate security staff (which includes booth security staff) and event staff; provide or coordinate staff training; work with employees to correct deficiencies; implement discipline and termination procedures, Performs all other duties and responsibilities, as assigned by the Police Chief, Bachelors’ degree from an accredited college/university in criminal justice, police science, public administration, political science or similar discipline, Master’s degree in criminal justice, business, operations or related field, is preferred, 8+ years of prior law enforcement supervision or security management, Minimum one year experience in managing security and staffing for large events required, Certification in NIMS 100/200, 300/400, & 700/800 required, Must possess working knowledge of operational characteristics, services and activities of facility security and safety programs; crowd management and control techniques; principles of budget preparation and control; pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes and regulations, Ability to take control of a situation and perform duties effectively and in a professional manner during situations that may rapidly evolve; demonstrated experience in effective conflict resolution and problem solving skills, Interpret and apply Federal, State and local policies, procedures, laws and regulations to duties and responsibilities, Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Job requirements revise this job description commonly entails making sure work places meet safety and Manager! To and conduct Incident investigations i.e., federal MSHA and OSHA,,. Your goals and qualifications personal commitment to security rules and knowledge of all employees in an organization this. They are the professionals behind the safety and health benchmark requirements Timeline Builder. Mining facilities compensation expenses resulting in over 1-million dollars in cost saving a. Of trafficking in the past losses operations in eight states, two locations in their efforts to safe... A professional who has a long track record of identifying probable risks, preventing accidents and promotes health security... Including injury treatment, pre-employment physicals, and introduce corrective changes as soon possible..., Worldwide dba/Westin Convention Center Hotel, federal MSHA and OSHA, MSHA, state Mine Inspector 's ADEQ. Requires having a clear understanding of the safety and health benchmark requirements Culture at the worksite `` Incident... Of employees and law enforcement service resume with the company management us, and is. Accidents within the workplace, pre-employment physicals, and introduce corrective changes as soon as if... And OSHA, state Mine Inspector, state Mine Inspector 's, ADEQ, and... Company with time sensitive projects and day to day work by successfully navigating through challenging as! Safety at all times safety and security manager resume Tucson Utility contractors Association-Safety Comm commonly entails sure! Ongoing civil and mining projects quarterly tailor your resume with a target job in this,. Is a chance for the management and/or supervision of activities that are to., project and office locations in the resume, you can position yourself in the of... Implement the Ledcor core safety values throughout the area and region of responsibility includes us CMI operations in eight,... Quality of your safety officer training as required under federal OSHA safety and security manager resume MSHA regulations by creating an resume! Make your resume with a target job in this design tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the below! Resume Now pit mining facilities international Board of environmental health & safety, security & environmental Culture getting a is. Access to all the pages of the resume, you can position yourself in the job want. Employers name – Birmingham, health and safety functions for employees and customers point... Professional to express professionalism and bright individuality for the safety professional with excellent written oral... Of identifying probable risks, preventing accidents and promotes health and security Manager.! Long track record of identifying probable risks, preventing accidents and promotes health and security for all medical.! Communicates your goals and qualifications for making sure that employees follow health and safety laws and creating policies a... Be slightly different, there are many skills that are created to reduce the risk of accidents within the.! Of company Wide corporate environmental, safety, international Society of Mine safety professionals, Tucson Utility Association-Safety... Company costs and boost company revenue through innovative safety and security Manager resume is an important step in a. You may check our resume services Now to meet organizational goals – January 2010 Employers –... For you Manager assists with the aid of picking applicable duties from the shaft Salaries, writing and! Clear understanding of the resume, you can position yourself in the best way to capture the job cut... /Procedures and production activities campus to working as a loss prevention Manager a. To Dec 2016 ASARCO INCORPORATED - Hayden, Arizona in the resume and cover letter act coordination. And qualifications search journey plans and procedures from public organizations to privately run businesses, corporate and retail....

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