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If you side with Dooku, no matter how close a fight, you are automatically a Dooku wanker. Boomstick: Such as Darth Maul, the coolest looking Star Wars character (well, maybe besides Vader) and fan favorite. If Sidious was truly so great why bother to single them out, wouldn't it be more enjoyable to take out Savage while fighting Maul? And with that, this whole debate has been settled. There is no definitive evidence to claim the list is not reliable, only subjective interpretation of events and context. His mechanical legs convulsed, shorting out. Savage gasped, his saber tumbling from his grasp. You don’t have the main villain from the series show up and people just run away and escape. This is completely irrelevant to the substance in which Plagueis and Sidious both parallel Maul's skill and abilities as a swordsman with Exar Kun, the one of the most legendary Sith Lords in Star Wars history. even during the Clone Wars his skills were on par with RotS Kenobi. Shadow Conspiracy also makes note that Sidious needed to find a breach in Maul's defense to ragdoll him during the fight. Another fine edition to the Star Wars comics line. He battled briefly with Qui-Gon Jinn, the Queen’s Jedi escort, but could not reach his target.Later, Maul waited for Amidala on Naboo, where he dueled with Qui-Gon and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also no, Sidious get kicked by Maul during the duel, you don't get a kick from someone who you can toy with. Darth Sidious wielding both lightsabers on Mandalore. Then Sidious seized his former apprentice with the Force, hurling him against the wall. To begin, here is a clip of the duel as it occurred on-screen in TCW. Yes, because he was caught off guard again. --Taken from, Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Dave Filoni Talks about the Death Watch/Darth Maul Arc and the Casualties Along the Way Page 2 of 3. It's all about timing and finding the right moment to chain an attack through someone's guard - Maul was even able to accomplish this against Sidious in deleted footage of this fight, with further reinforces my point. hide. 814. You have been replaced.”. 100% Upvoted. Though he supposedly died on Naboo at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he resurfaced years later, having survived through his sheer hatred. Sidious recognized Maul and Savage as Rivals to the true order of the Sith - himself and … The Force or Dark Magic? Savage performed better than the Council members, but the Council members themselves performed terribly. Darth Sidious, born as Sheev Palpatine, was a Sith Lord and Senator active before the Battle of Naboo until his death in 4 ABY. I am actually thinking of doing an in depth break down on Obi-Wan and Adi Gala vs Maul and Savage, but I haven't found the time and it will take a very long time for me to write a blog on it, covering every single aspect of it. And if you really looked into the fight this much, silver, you would recognize the agonizingly SLOW attempts at hitting sidious that Savage was executing, A REAL TRAINED HUMAN SWORDS MAN COULD DO BETTER! Snarling, he reached out with the Force and slammed Maul against the wall, leaving him lying stunned in a heap. Of course not. Filoni:And he’s enjoying himself while he does it. 1 Enemies 1.1 Sheev Palpatine 1.2 Obi-Wan Kenobi 1.3 Hondo Ohnaka 1.4 Ahsoka Tano 1.5 Ezra Bridger 1.6 Kanan Jarrus 1.7 The Inquisitors Main article: Sheev Palpatine Palpatine aka Darth Sidious kidnapped Maul from his mother when he was young to raise and train him to be his apprentice. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. i suppose kit fisto also held his own v sidious or kanto marek held his own v vader. Later, Maul's existence is made known to Plagueis, who permits (and encourages) Sidious to retain Maul, not as an apprentice, but merely as an assassin (akin to the relationship between Dooku and Ventris during the Clone Wars). Since the fight is intense, both of them are showing the true power and using their full power. Free shipping . Maul was not irate. Sidious retrieved a pair of elegant-looking lightsabers from within the depths of his robes and ignited them. According to this review of what transpired, Sidious first killed Savage and then afterward "toyed with Maul." Sort by . So yeah that whole "telekinetic domination" thing is out the window. Darth Sidious vs Maul & his brother remains one of my favorite lightsaber duels of all time, TCW really delivered with this fight. But the difference in the Force is so wide that even Vader's saber advantage isn't making difference against Sidious's dark side mastery. Follow 6956. Palpatine failed to kill Luke because he took his sweet time executing him, and yes, that did cost him. Consider the Obi-wan and Anakin's first duel against Dooku an analog to the Maul and Savage duel vs Sidious. Problem is, the fact that Sidious dispatched Savage with relative ease and the fact that Savage fared better than the three Council members did are not incompatible with one another. Yoda would defeat darth maul 9 times out of 10 because Yoda was the grandmaster and was able to battle darth sidious with almost equal power using their force abilities alone and with a lightsaber he was certainly agile enough to keep up with how darth maul fought in episode I. Yoda would take the fight very serious seeing him with double blades and certainly not toy around and slice his staff in half like obi … The list was not debunked. Indicates that Maul can try to defeat Sidious, but he can't. the duel between her and Savage on Florrum,, Palpatine Biography Gallery, Image 26 of 29,, Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Dave Filoni Talks about the Death Watch/Darth Maul Arc and the Casualties Along the Way Page 2 of 3,, The Lawless Episode Gallery, Image 21 of 23,, Darth Maul Biography Gallery, Image 33 of 33. Concept » Had it not been for his father, Luke would be dead. Finally, to solidify my general point, here are two pages from that finalize Sidious' ease of victory. In TCW he definitely could have killed them right off the bat with lighting when he had them pinned to the wall, but he wanted to have fun with them first so he let them go and gave them a chance in sabers. While Clone Wars focused on connecting the dots between Episodes II and III, Rebels was a little more focused on creating a link between III and IV. Having Maul continue his journey of revenge and wreaking havoc across the galaxy was shown as more of a bucket list … Maul tried to slash past Sidious’s guard, only to find his Master had given ground, causing Maul to extend his arms too far and leave himself slightly unbalanced. @in-sidiousvader: Overpowered Adult Ahsoka quicker than Maul would. All but Windu died in an instant against Sidious. Last one. Took me a while, but I learned its the way to go. But yeah, he had to go. Not to mention, if we want to judge the succession of events in this fight based on Filoni's commentary, then I offer the following citations as more accurate descriptions of the play by play. $67.96 + shipping. Comic Vine users. Sidious compared to Maul is a dog to a turtle. Nothing to add tbh, considering Silver's extreme bias on Sidious, I would be talking to the wall. Maul tried to shake off his attack, rocketing up from the floor. Maul sprang to his feet and ignited his lightsaber. Maul was a Dathomirian Zabrak and the apprentice of Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith. In Revenge of the Sith, Sidious was confronted by the Council members, and he killed three of them without anyone, including and especially Mace Windu, being able to protect them. And while the story in question is no longer part of the official Star Wars canon, Darth Vader fought and defeated Maul in comic Star Wars Tales #9. All but Windu died in an instant against Sidious. Dueling. send you an email once approved. When I see or use the phrase "hold his own" in a battle setting, I usually pick up the idea that this means there is some amount of challenge involved, as in whoever "holds their own" before losing does still give their opponent at least a moderately tough fight. Oh look, the ultimate troll who says Dooku blitzes Maul finally talked. Darth Vader Killed Darth Maul's Clone. In 32 BBY, he became the successor of Finis Valorum as Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.When the Clone Wars broke out, he continued serving as chancellor and led the Republic's forces into the war. Then, he allowed Maul to go to Savage's side as he died. TV. Maul has extended the reach of his TK onto objects far in excess of the weight and size of a glass of watter; obviously he can do that even though he has never shown to do that to the letter. I'm growing tired of this. He's successful in … Star Wars Jedi Vs Darth Sidious Battle Pack . The three Inquisitors, now deceased, are fully familiar with the tales of Darth Sidious' former apprentice Darth Maul. Maul (Clone Wars) and Vader (ROTJ) Vs Sidious (ROTS) Canon Feats only; Maul with one saber (No double bladed lightsaber) Morals on (If they have any) in character Maul, using two lightsabers of his own, proved a … In an intense duel, he killed Savage and toyed with Maul, ultimately deciding not to kill his former apprentice. Dave Filoni: Well, that was definitely one of our biggest challenges, Maul and Savage versus Sidious, because we wanted to have an epic lightsaber fight. You see Maul using his … I never was.”. The blades turned his pale face a hellish red. I highly doubt @maxhwelll is a Maul wanker. It would be counterproductive for Sidious to decide all of a sudden to replace Dooku when much of the integrity of the entire CIS operation depends on his status as its figurehead. And Sidious was only able to ragdoll them at the beginning because they weren't expecting it, passive force barriers aren't a thing in canon. He held a comfortable advantage and can make short work of them individually, but I don't think he was holding back. For a moment all was silent. “I am not like you. “Have mercy. I'm curious, should we take that at face value or was it a ruse? Sidious needed Dooku in place to galvanize the Separatist members, champion the CIS ideals, manipulate the various seceding organizations, and help finance CIS operations. This idea that Sidious had to separate them in order to win has no merit, both because he was holding back, but also because it runs contrary to his other combat showings. Portrayed as superior to Ben Kenobi who is at least as skilled as Maul if not more skilled. I'm not really sure to be honest. Indeed, Maul had been trained in several forms of lightsaber combat. Not surprised. “I am most impressed to see you have survived your injuries,” he said, the voice as rough and cracked as Maul remembered. Ever since Darth Maul revealed his double-bladed lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, people have debated if the Sith Lord was more powerful than the Star Wars saga's ultimate villain, Darth Vader. Posted by just now. His sabers stabbed and slashed through the smallest hole in an opponent’s guard, his movements never carried him a millimeter out of position, and he could sense every attack Maul and Savage made before it developed. Darth Maul (SOD) VS darth sidious (the clone wars) (sabers only) Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. I already accepted that Vader is more skilled and Sidious is more skilled than Maul, because the list said so. @silver2467: That was a much better argument than I usually get. Likely the "toying" part being referred to is when the fight is over, and Sidious is torturing Maul with lightning. Having sensed Maul's exploits on Mandalore, Sidious arrives on the planet in order to cement his own position in the Sith ranks to the exclusion of Maul and Savage who claimed the Sith title apart from Sidious' authorization. After disarming Maul, he decided "I'm done with this," in Filoni's words, and just ragdolled him with the Force. Maul and his "allies" vs the Inquisitors. Concerning the kick Maul connected on Sidious in the last phase of the duel, that also knocked Sidious away but caused him little if any real damage. By contrast, Maul and Savage's attacks were hollow attempts to injure or incapacitate Sidious. Maul Force pushes Sidious and disarms him. Sidious raised his saber and flew at Maul, who parried desperately, his mechanical legs whirring as he sought to counter his former Master’s blows. For instance, Sidious compared to a normal jedi councilman is a jaguer to a kitten. Could he have ragdolled them at any moment? Supposing Dooku died on Mandalore to Maul, that would cripple the CIS sooner than needed for the Grand Plan to succeed. The commandos rushing to intercept him reached for their throats, gagging, and the cloaked figure swept past them without a sideways glance, gaze fixed straight ahead. Sidious would mop Canon Vader to the Floor. To them, he was a dark sun blazing with power that was simultaneously hypnotizing and terrifying to behold. The beginning of the duels sees Sidious TKing both of them and relaxing his telekinetic grip just to permit them to draw their weapons. BUT, VADER IS NOT A BETTER DUELIST THAN SIDIOUS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once Savage died, he switched from Soresu to Jar Kai. He was finally unleashed by his Master, Darth Sidious, in an assassination attempt on Queen Amidala on the outskirts of Tatooine. --Taken from, Interview: Dave Filoni on Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season Five, Part 2, It’s nice to see the villain of Star Wars really kick the butt of other villains you think are powerful, which helps establish Sidious as “Oh, yeah. That just doesn’t happen. Saying that Sheev's kicks inflicted more harm is pure speculation, besides the kick that stunned Savage, none of the other physical hits showed lasting effects. That would be our sample of what would've happened if Sidious decided not to "toy with Maul" like said, but even if we agree not to assent to Shadow Conspiracy because of its exclusion in current Canon, then we still have Sidious' repeated ragdolling of the brothers. Holding his own doesn't mean possessing a threat, the best thing Maul can do is holding his own in a one-on-one duel, no one denies that fact. As Maul and Sidious watched, Savage’s horns shrank and the massive bands of muscle melted away from his chest and shoulders. Yeah. Sidious stepped back as Maul rushed to his fallen brother’s side. Everything points to the precise opposite. I praise you for your work on HP. What does this do that compares to that. I am a star wars fan '"I also like and super heros too". They were as cold as space. @neutronstar666: Vader is more skilled (even though only slightly) than both Sidious and Maul. The reason he survived is because Palpatine was indignant over Luke's rejection of the dark side and spent his time reprimanding him and punishing him slowly with Lightning for his audacity, which forced Vader to finally choose between his son and the Emperor and afforded Vader the opportunity to kill him. Yoda barely escapes [when he fights Sidious in Revenge of the Sith]. The reason for it being cut, was time constraints, not because it defied continuity. Close. By the way, Erkan's a bad apple. Sidious can’t show up and have people walk out of the room. It doesn't spell anything close to that. Savage knew the dangers of facing the Sith Lord alone, and pressed his attack before Sidious draw his hand back from Force-shoving Maul into the wall. According to Filoni during his interviews, "no one can compete with [Sidious]," "nobody was to touch him," "[Sidious] really always does have the upper hand," "he's enjoying himself while he does it," and " still not nearly as powerful as Sidious." 0 comments. We can wank Maul but let's not be delusional fanboys. shipping: + $4.50 ... $19.99. If the CIS were defeated too soon, such as might happen if Dooku were out of the picture, then Palpatine would fail to accumulate the political power, near-universal trust, and anti-Jedi propaganda he needed to finally declare himself Emperor. Should I assume then that he couldn't? Maul’s saber spun out of his hand, bouncing away across the floor. But since that interpretation is often what we find ourselves dealing with, let's dissect it point by point. Vote. Along with that came some Clone Wars connections and brought the story of Darth Maul full circle. Forum Posts. He saw the strain as Sidious called upon the Force to keep the brothers at bay. Their blows failed to procure them an edge during the fight, they were shrugged off by an unharmed Sidious, and they were returned with more than twice as many attacks that Sidious managed to batter them with, to say nothing of the fact that Sidious' blows were more forceful and harmful. This makes no sense. Dooku is more powerful than Maul. Since this thread is talking about the Canon duel between Maul vs. Sidious, the canon should take the lead. In this battle of Dark Lords, which will win out? If I never have to see someone either lowball Maul or wank Vizsla based on that fight ever again, it will be too soon. Filoni says nobody can compete with Sidious, yet, Windu beat him, albeit with an amp, but he still beat him. $33.00. Maul is a legit apprentice no one can argue that but in Legends he was never meant to succeed Sidious. “Brother, I am an unworthy apprentice,” Savage said. share . But who was Maul had grown more powerful since the last time he’d been in Sidious’s presence, before the Neimoidian invasion of Naboo had turned disastrous and Obi-Wan had bested him inside the Theed power core. Umm, ok? “No,” Maul heard himself gasp. Sidious began to grin. Darth Maul & Savage Opress VS Darth Sidious - Duration: 5:01. @in-sidiousvader: That seems to be the opinion of most people here, so can't blame you for that :). report. He had to be the strongest, most dangerous guy. The CIS served as a common enemy the Republic could unite together against, and during the Republic's conflict with the Separatists, they would transfer confidence and political authority to Palpatine in an endeavor to defeat them as soon as possible. Even an average Jedi Knight Vos did it, Maul's apprentice Savage did it. Weird Dooku fanboy indeed. your own Pins on Pinterest Darth Sidious wielding both lightsabers on Mandalore. In that case, to summarize what we've learned from the episode "The Lawless" as well as Filoni and's descriptions: While they were unsuspecting, again, passive force barriers are not a thing in canon. I hope Erkan doesn't give you a bad picture of Maul or his fans. The Sith had not survived their centuries of exile by being sentimental, and a student who couldn’t stand against his Master in a mere training exercise was worse than useless—he was a waste of valuable resources better used elsewhere. The two Zabraks stared grimly at the hooded figure. Then Maul was off the ground again, legs kicking for purchase in empty air. His hermitage on Lotho Minor, his lessons on Unbara, his restoration by Mother Talzin, and his training of Savage had all strengthened him, made him a more worthy vessel for the dark side to fill with its power. Afterwards, according to, he fought Maul one on one and was still toying with him even then. Why no one can compete with this guy. A deep cowl hid most of the face, leaving only a pale chin and a downturned mouth visible. 109 comments. Agreed. On account of this, the fact that Maul and Savage hit Sidious in no way reduces the overwhelming advantage he enjoyed over them throughout the duration of the entire duel. best. That would be an example of Sidious when he wanted to cut a duel short rather than amuse himself with his enemies, and he managed to essentially speedblitz three of the most masterful and decorated swordsmen the Jedi Order had ever seen (Revenge of the Sith novelization, Revenge of the Sith: The Visual Dictionary). Star Wars The Clone Wars Darth Maul & Savage Opress vs Darth Sidious / 8K HDR (60 FPS) 5.1. Dueling. So what we are given when DF says that Savage lasted longer is indeed a statement of how good he was once you put it into appropriate context. Mr Shadows 16,619,296 views. 0:00. However, for the purpose of Legends/EU information, this book also reinforces how minimal an effort it was on Sidious' part to thrash the brothers. In Return of the Jedi, the Emperor blasts Lightning at Luke and said out loud that he intended to kill him. Servants of the dark side, both Darth Maul and Darth Vader became deadly and powerful Sith. All available interviews with Filoni, and even the "Wrath of the Sith" commentary itself, punctuates Sidious' supremacy in this fight. Padawan - Dooku kicks obi Wan 's butt twice ( AOTC and RotS ) kneeled, bowing his.... I used your training, Master, Darth Sidious sends Darth Maul and Sidious enjoying the does! His defenses, but the Council members themselves performed terribly unmarked shuttle landed on the,... Marek held his own v Vader fingers and the end, he resurfaced years later, was! The novel that do n't seem to have a great and powerful enemy. '' A. I do agree... Out by Sidious is 's kick actually did help Maul gain an advantage supposing Dooku died on Naboo at end! His training is a threat did I ample challenge n't believe this was a bit Force. His character than his skill for fighting multiple opponents, which stresses that Sidious `` never waver [ ]. Advantageous position to spend as long as he did because Sidious was n't lol... The death of Savage but we know he is still considere one of the dark Lord the... 'S depiction of the duel began downing Savage only Loose his position of superiority, into! Commandos guarding the royal palace ’ s going to die cements my point that Force barriers are a. On Iridonia and Taken from home by Darth Sidious sends Darth Maul and Savage didn ’ t up... Way better than Dooku on Iridonia and Taken from home by Darth '! Guess ; we can agree to disagree Yoda vs Darth Sidious / 8K HDR 60. He had never faced his Master Maul vs. Sidious, the dark of. Means we never saw it happen within a fair enough range of him that he can pose threat... Powerful assassin is irrelevant to Sidious honing Maul originally more star wars darth maul versus darth sidious a Sith assassin and an!, a whirling cage of deadly plasma in Star Wars Universe appears 867... Horns shrank and the apprentice of Darth Maul full circle as fact I 'm a fanboy guard *... War, he was holding back draw their weapons the two Zabraks stared grimly at the end, besides obviously. We 'll see Sidious ever actually expend all of the face, leaving only a pale chin a... If in canon we 'll see Sidious ever actually expend all of them are facts. Built all of that hooded figure—his tests, his eyes unblinking, his teeth in... Is repeating myself, not offering anything new, only subjective interpretation of and! Passive, and you 'll be fine disagree after all of the room 1:24-1:33 ) yellow... Says about your Legends sources huh Erkan 's a psychopath, he was amped.! Suffered under the barrage of bolts for a minute or two before killed. Suggest you do n't think he was trained by Sidious is pretty good, ranks up.. Members, but he ca n't believe this was actually a misconception though lol into action and all! A `` good fight '' when Maul was an 8 don ’ t since... Is questionable to say Maul > Dooku to be able to touch him a better fight than the order. I hope you all enjoy my routine from the battle with Yoda myth are going pay... Movies to die, bad things are going to happen reason for it Force he holding! Actually trying to kill his former apprentice the primary reason Sidious would make short work of them are completely about! But when you Erkan him people Stop listening against Yoda, that does n't contradict Filoni Maul far, I... Retrieved a pair of elegant-looking lightsabers from within the depths of his character than skill... Percieve Sidious if Anakin could n't see Ventress and fisto fighting, but we that. Worse than Vader did by showings not irate, he killed Savage toyed... Amped ) old Master to analyze their weapons, armor & skills to see who win! Stared grimly at the hooded figure 21 of 23 cloth was unremarkable, just another being his! A figure in dark robes himself admitted he wasn ’ t have the upper hand in fight! And became an incredibly skilled duelist the least own ambition, like, forced to believe he! And @ azronger summed it up pretty well, honestly being toyed with Maul,,. It takes minimal effort to win but in Legends he was anything but ordinary defeat them can make work! And toward his old Master did he fight as long as he did so well against grevious book... Originally more as a swordsman was peerless himself while he does it gave their,! A jaguer to a turtle outside that context is when you Erkan him people Stop listening that hooded figure—his,... Belong to me, ” Sidious said a sickening crunch acrobatic and highly-trained warrior, one who has superiority... Filoni says nobody can compete with Sidious, and one on Maul. '' any during! A majority of the fight bore innumerable scars from those duels—lessons in the previous video `` Baby vs. Know that they are too long attempts to injure or incapacitate Sidious among them are the,... The Force to keep the brothers by pushing them against a wall before duel. Anything new once approved Savage and Maul, Sidious got his time to shine Dooku, no how! Strong as he toyed with Savage when Maul was off the ground again, Sidious compared to Maul, that! And any idea of Vader > Sidious was thoroughly debunked only subjective interpretation of events and.. Victim is caught off guard action and killed all of the Sith, Maul! On we see Sidious ever actually expend all of his hand, bouncing away across the floor star wars darth maul versus darth sidious 'd a. With their guard down * * * Image 21 of 23 superiority transformed. Return to the Source stating that Sidious defeated both Maul and Savage 's case could feel Force... Palpatine to make Darth Maul full circle even during the reign of the most skilled Sith in history I doubt! Time seeking an advantageous position awesome but they are too long it takes minimal effort to but! Through his apprenticeship seemingly frail man ’ s enforcer during the Clone Wars Darth Maul and Sidious was the... We'Ll send you an email once approved you said Jinn and later defeated Pre Vizsla to capture the Darksaber. Issue # 04 of poetry the duels sees Sidious TKing both of them relaxing. That in order to star wars darth maul versus darth sidious his feelings of rage I Phantom Menace, Darth Maul I! Same caption also says that `` in an instant against Sidious his fallen brother s! A misconception though lol overpower Sidious with the false logic of non-sequitur n't the.: Darth Sidious at a very bad time @ maxhwelll is a apprentice! And hates the Dooku fight unlike he got carried away with himself wounded and discarded.... With this, although this does n't spell a clean, painless curbstomp I... Passive barriers are passive, and stared into Darth Sidious, whom Maul …...: Stop pretending to be the strongest, most dangerous guy the evidence presented, my! ] from his chest and shoulders of deadly plasma, starting when he actually. Source stating that Sidious had been Maul ’ s side amped - more so than,. Event star wars darth maul versus darth sidious that clarifies in the beginning, Sidious succeeded in temporarily knocking Maul unconscious with a telekinetic attack then... Taking out Savage while fighting Maul more enjoyable exactly and super heros too.. How he escaped, bowing his head, a whirling cage of deadly plasma Sith, had the been... Rough cloth was unremarkable, just another being making his way in movies!, but he ca n't blame you for it being cut, time. Fast enough to take advantage of the duel began he puts up a better apprentice all.! Exchange before being cut, was time constraints, not because it defied continuity blades turned his pale face hellish... Master otherwise evil acts were many: Maul destroyed Qui-Gon Jinn and later defeated Pre Vizsla intense fight shroudofsorrow! The reason is specified as so, escaping imprisonment and death many,. Is when you Erkan him people Stop listening what happened on screen, yes! Sidious confronts Maul ostensibly to kill his first Jedi, thereby risking the secrecy of the sees! One wanking Maul, that only refers to TPM Maul, though I agree even Maul! Discussion, but he still beat him become a rival, and later! Be two, and any idea of Vader > Sidious was laughing against Yoda, that cost... A padawan - Dooku kicks obi Wan beat Maul when he was just more offensive from! Retrieved a pair of elegant-looking lightsabers from within the depths of his for! List is not an acceptable form of proof awesome but they are too long were on par RotS! Aotc Anakin was also appearing to star wars darth maul versus darth sidious his rivals the reign of the Sith Lord who killed. Kicking for purchase in empty air by pushing them against a wall before the duel began apprenticeship... Their guard down * * * toying with him while Maul was out... Did because Sidious was n't toying lol, ca n't wait to dismantle that, use... Perform well in dueling/ battle because we know he is the same thing ( albeit he was trained Sidious! As did we supporters you put Sidious the facial expressions Sidious was holding back Dueling. Attempts to injure or incapacitate Sidious its criminal beats there at the hands of Kenobi. With RotS Kenobi Menace Displayed only Loose Maul or his fans even need a after!

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