how to make work more enjoyable for employees

Your email address will not be published. Have a Healthy Attitude: As the leader in your company, be excited about the prospect of having fun while working. Look into flexible work policies. A good physical way to make your workplace more enjoyable is to actually decorate and change its style once in a while. Standing desks offer a great solution to this problem and are growing in popularity across the globe. Chances are, the boss doesn’t know or understand exactly what everyone on the team does on a day-to-day basis. Did you know that the average work week is around 40 hours long? Now, more than ever, employers need to make work fun. Display meaningful decor. Decorating in accordance with your brand will help your team stay in touch with it. With these fun and interactive employee engagement activities, you can help develop happy and productive employees. With dismal news of widespread employee dissatisfaction and disengagement, and uncertainty in the American and global economies forcing CEOs/CFOs continued conservatism, managers are faced with a difficult reality: How to make work meaningful despite … Stuck for ideas? Make sure their individual needs are addressed by providing ongoing, regular appraisals. #6: Create special interest groups. Today’s workforce spends a lot of time at work. As a result, we’re more relaxed and happy. Unless you find something new and interesting to keep them engaged in their free time, tasks will get repetitive and boring. Posted by Guest | Employee engagement, Internal communication, Productivity | 13. I really like these ten tips and I will definitely try and incorporate the most that I can. Making Work Less Stressful and More Engaging for Your Employees ... You will create a workforce with happier, more productive employees, and be a better business for it. Our team love to learn new skills so every Friday afternoon, we hold a “tech talk” where one of the developers talks about a problem they’ve encountered or a new piece of tech they’ve been using. They appreciate feedback from their peers who understand their work in depth and it helps them develop closer relationships and collaborate better in the future. Tomorrow is National Fun At Work Day, also known as the perfect opportunity to pour some thought into making your office a little more fun. 10 Ways to Make Your Employees 10x More Productive ... Having to put on a face with your employees every day can not only lose their trust, but it also makes work less enjoyable for you. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to make work fun so your employees stay happy and motivated…. That is a pretty depressing statistic, considering how much of our lives we spend in our jobs. Forty-four percent believe it encourages a stronger work ethic. Plan out a whole day of team building games, movies and pet projects. Check out these 14 tips to increase productivity at workplace by one of the best collaboration tools : You spend a huge proportion of your time at work so its important not to hate your office. This investment shows a concern for your employee’s health and comfort and also has the potential to increase productivity. When employees become fluent in a work process or a new strategy, they will have more time on their hands to dedicate to new processes. For you to truly enjoy your job and work place, do your best to be organized. As we all know a good employer brand is essential reducing attrition at the workplace. This means that you spend around 4000 hours at work over two years – roughly the same amount of time it would take for you to travel to mars. Your email address will not be published. Socializing as an office allows your staff to get to know each other outside of the work environment and can create a new and positive dynamic. Workplace friendships can also help you develop a culture of ‘compassionate love’ which research has found can lead to higher levels of satisfaction and teamwork, as well as a reduction in sick days. When an employee knows that their boss cares about their success, they'll have more motivation to work and they'll feel an obligation to work hard for you. In other words, having a dog in the office can also help your team become better collaborators. It’s easy to get in the mindset that work is supposed to involve grinding away all the time with the occasional happy hour or other fun activity thrown in. Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips. There is no doubt that happier people are more likely to be invested in their surroundings and will be more likely to work harder when needed. Did you know that the average work week is around 40 hours long? If you want your team to be happy, you need to make sure they feel they are making progress and understand the importance of their role to your company. While the 16 earlier team building ideas were centered around having fun and playing games, these 12 ideas are centered around building deep connections with your team and really cementing your camaraderie: The workplace should not be stressful and should create a nurturing environment. Published by Content Intelligence Media LLC, How to Start a Small Business After Filing for Bankruptcy, Most Successful Small Business Ideas That Work in 2021, The Complete Guide To Get Up To 200% More Conversion To Your Website In 3 Months (Organically), 10 Proven Ways to Propel Your New Business Into Growth. Buy New Work Clothes Research shows that when we look our best we ultimately have more confidence and feel more upbeat about life, this alone will make any workday more enjoyable. Here are some small steps that you can take to conquer great career suc These are just a few of the many ways you can make work more enjoyable for your staff. Having a regular board game date with your colleagues can give you something to look forward to, as well as helping you bond with the people you're spending 40-plus hours a week with. 18 Switch Up Your Work Environment It is essential to participate in your own growth and evolution to make work more enjoyable. Remember, your office is a reflection of your brand. Ask for help. It could be anything that makes employees feel productive while giving them a chance to learn. In my experience, team happiness spurs productivity and by making your work environment a ‘happy place’, you can take care of your team and encourage them to get more done. How to help employees have fun at work. Since the Great Recession hit, fear, risk and uncertainty have held a vice-like grip on our economy. In addition to his love for emerging technology, Mark is also a trustee of Deki, a very cool microfinance charity that helps entrepreneurs in developing countries generate sustainable incomes.

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